Suara Satu Abad 2022 by PPI Belanda

As our organization turns a hundred, we remember back on how Indonesia came to be.

Perpimpunan Pelajar Indonesia was founded in 1922, and since then, the people who continuously build the organization also built the nation which is Indonesia.

We came back to celebrate and we did not just come back, we went all out. In September, right after Indonesia’s independence month, we started a series of events. These events were specially dedicated to Indonesia. Suara Pemuda, Suara Y20 and Suara Raya.

Suara Pemuda was all about reconnecting our industries and building our future, wherever we are. Suara Y20 was bringing back our academic roots. Ultimately, all the spirit of PPI Belanda was brought back to Suara Raya.

In Suara Raya, we essentialized Indonesia’s culture and tradition throughout the decade. We brought the culinary experience, musical periods, and most importantly, the entertainment that everyone needed.

We invited two very different, but very Indonesia-esque artists in their way. First was the legendary Hindia (a reference to Hindia Belanda), which is a famous group from Indonesia. The second was Tulus, which is probably one of the most iconic singers that Indonesia has ever heard.

Before these two shook the floor, Indonesian talents from the Netherlands and students of course were also performing.

We encapsulated everything and made this event, for everyone.

Our show sold out in the first months that we sold the tickets online and not only students but diasporas who missed their homeland were also crowding the entire scene.

Overall we are very proud of what we have achieved, but this is all thanks to our sponsors and the everlasting support from everyone that we cannot mention. KBRI Belanda, the Students, every Indonesian in the Netherlands, and our sponsors. It has been the highest honour serving you all, we thank you.

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