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Indonesian Start-Up Ecosystem

“A glimpse of the Start-Up industry” 

July 2021

Digital transformation has been very closely associated with 21st century development. It is seen as a future that has to be embraced. Almost all activities are, or at least in the process to be, complimented by the digital technology as proven by the Covid-19 pandemic towards its acceleration. Digital technology allows a massive integration without physical human presence, not to mention the increasingly innovative solutions by the start-ups. 

Image by Victor He
Image by Annie Spratt

One might think of it as a catalyst to solve real-life problems and make us live more efficient. In light of the magnificence, how far we are for preparing to cope with this digital milestone? What can be enhanced to support good and strong digital ecosystem for the startups in Indonesia? And what can we do to establish opportunities in equal measure?

Indonesian Start-Up Ecosystem helps you to elevate your knowledge about start-up industry in Indonesia.  

Proudly brought to you this one-of-a-kind keynote event only in IDEAS 2021 by PPI Belanda. 

Meet us virtually (Zoom Webinar) on Wednesday, 14th July 2021 

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