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Data Driven Solutions: What’s The Reality? 

July 2021

“Towards simple solution that works" 

Big data has been an increasingly game-changing feature in human life, not to mention how Indonesia had improved because of it. We have seen it in our daily lives, for instance, integrated cashless payments, contactless transaction during the pandemic, rapid growth of the online-based market, and many more. This also allows the business to operate more efficient, accountable, and targeted.

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On a national level, the government also tries to improve society using the data-driven considerations. So, how important is data towards business decisions? How do businesses utilize the data to dive into the various obstacles to find their best solutions? How aware is the society especially the labours towards the importance of data-driven solutions? 

In this panel discussion, we will delve into the reality of data implementation and optimization in Indonesia. 

Proudly brought to you this one-of-a-kind panel discussion only in IDEAS 2021 by PPI Belanda. 

Meet us virtually (Zoom Webinar) on Wednesday, 22nd July 2021