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IDEAS 2021 Summit Equality of Digital Elevation 

July 2021

“Making it possible for everyone” 

Digitalization has slowly become visible in both the government and private sectors, with the pandemic only accelerating the process. Bureaucracies are shortened, businesses become more effective, and activities are done quicker through digitalization. However, this swift growth is not accompanied with an even implementation across the country, resulting in unequal digital elevation, not only in regions, but also between social classes.

Image by Clay Banks
Image by Kyle Glenn

That being said, if this obstacle is overcome, the digitalization of Indonesian business can affect the country’s economy as a whole, which has the potential to shorten the gap to the goal of being a global economic power by 2045. So, how to ensure an equal and comprehensive digital transformation in the development process? 

IDEAS 2021 Summit discloses the comprehensive perspectives of different layers in society on digital elevation in Indonesia and closes the whole series of IDEAS events this year. 

Meet us virtually (Zoom Webinar) on Wednesday, 24th July 2021