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Advancement in Data-driven Era 

“Into the big connecting-dots” 

July 2021

Digitalization is an inevitable transformation that can be manifested in the form of data processing, which can be applied through technologies to solve real-life problems. One of its greatest momentum is the affiliation of the big data. On a national scale, big data has a key role in making the whole process leaner, integrated and targeted.

Image by Luke Chesser
Image by Charles Deluvio

 That is, as initiated by Indonesian government, to incorporate a reliable big data system accessible for everyone so-called Satu Data Indonesia. On an individual level, this movement encourages the mindset of making judgment on the basis of the data. But how is Indonesia preparing itself for the surge of digitalization and our own big data system? What can we do to amplify the big data optimization? What are the consequences of having this big data concept for the individuals?  

Advancement in Data-driven Era attempts to reveal these concerns into insightful knowledge about big data in Indonesia and our infrastructure preparation. 

Proudly brought to you this one-of-a-kind keynote event only in IDEAS 2021 by PPI Belanda. 

Meet us virtually (Zoom Webinar) on Wednesday, 21st July 2021