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Entrepreneurship in Practice 

“Start-up undercover in Indonesia” 

July 2021

As an outstanding move of digital startup in Indonesia had brought us to have four unicorns and a decacorn, a wider scope in Southeast Asia is also exposed with its brilliance. These technological innovations serve as a disruptive solution that breaks the status quo and increases living standards in the society.

Image by Falaq Lazuardi
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They disrupt the current stagnating market by altering the consumer’s old routine and create a new market with new values. How did they undergo such problem-solving solution to improve society? What are the challenges and opportunities in a developing country? How can startups become a medium to boost digital and technological awareness in Indonesia’s society? 

Entrepreneurship in Practice brings you into the undercover of start-up industry in Indonesia. 

Proudly brought to you this one-of-a-kind panel discussion only in IDEAS 2021 by PPI Belanda. 

Meet us virtually (Zoom Webinar) on Wednesday, 15th July 2021