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PPI Belanda 22-23

In the 2022-2023 management period, PPI Belanda is supported by 6 departments. These departments are again categorized into two, namely internal and external. This year, two deputy general secretaries were appointed to help manage the internal and external departments.

Kastrat, or Kajian Strategi, is a department engaged in Strategic Studies and Research. Furthermore, the Medkom, or Media dan Komunikasi department, is responsible for all PPI Belanda publications and communications. PSDM, or Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia, is engaged in developing the human resources of PPI Belanda members and Indonesian students in the Netherlands. Senor, or Seni dan Olahraga, is a department engaged in the arts and sports that PPI Belanda organizes. HKM or Hubungan Kota dan Masyarakat is the department responsible for PPI Belanda' relations with other PPI Cities. Finally, Kemitraan or the Partnership department will be responsible for all matters of collaboration between PPI Belanda and other institutions.

WEB Pengurus PPIB 2223.png

PPI Belanda Organisation Chart 2022-2023

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